Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sure cuts alot

I'm so excited to tell you all that I have recently become an affiliate of sure cuts alot by Craft Edge. If you're someone who owns a cricut or cricut expression machine, you would probably want to hear about this product. This program lets you cut out any font that you currently have on your computer or any shape that you can create or download for free off the internet. It also cuts out the wingding and dingbat shapes that you have too. You can also weld your letters together so that it cuts it out in one whole piece like the cricut design studio does but you don't need to buy the cartridges to do so. Think about all of those font cartridges that you will never need again. All you need is your computer and a usb cord that will plug into your cricut machine. You can create on the go on a laptop, and then plug it into your cricut when you get home and cut your original creations. If you are someone who has already heard about this product and would like to purchase it, you can just click on the icon located to the left of this post. If you have any questions, post a comment and I will try to answer your questions right on the comment board for everyone to read.

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