Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easel Card

I know that I haven't been uploading many posts lately but I've been so busy working on a baby scrapbook for my friend Vicky's baby shower.  I'm actually going to the shower today and finally finished her book yesterday.  It's all wrapped up and I didn't even take 1 picture of it.  I totally forgot.  Oh well.  I don't think that I'll be making another for a while anyway.  I will be posting the card that I made for her tomorrow though. 
I do have another card to show you today though.  This card was made for my mother in law Ellie for her Birthday that was on the 14th.  I've been wanting to make this type of card for a little while now but never attempted to.  I am so sorry that I didn't do it earlier because it seems to be one of my favorite folding techniques.  I got the score dimensions from Beate Johns.  She had a video on youtube and also has a tutorial on it on split coast stampers.  Click Here to get the video.  

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  1. I have seen these but have never tried one. Since you love it so much, I think I need to give it a try!!